Saturday, 17 March 2012

Need cheering up? Try hitting the Bottle (Rocket)

Hahaaa do you see what I did there? It sounded like I was advocating alcoholism as a cure for depression!. Outraaaaageous. I should be on Mock the Week or something.
Ahem... Continuing my round up of excellent upcoming comedy in Leicester, I now turn my attention to Bottle Rocket, Leicester's longest-running comedy club. Based at a number of venues around the city and beyond, they've been putting on fantastic shows since 2005 featuring many big names, and it seems this year is no exception.
Their next show is on Saturday April 14th at the Y Theatre, and features the rock-solid line-up of Rufus Hound, Nick Helm, Tom Rosenthal, Pat Cahill and Ed Gamble.
Upcoming shows this year feature the likes of amiable kiwi Jarred Christmas, Peep Show's very own sweet little songbird Isy Suttie, the weird and wonderful Phil NicholShow Me the Funny series winner Pat Monahan and storyteller-par-excellence Rob Rouse.
As always, check the website for info, tickets & associated shizzle
And don't forget to drink lots of booze.

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