Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Andrew Lawrence... you know, the funny looking ginger guy with the squeaky voice

Those of you who have never heard of Andrew Lawrence, you're in for a treat! Seeing him for the first time is a real experience to remember, because I guarantee you've never seen or heard anything like him before. And once you've heard his extended rants, self-deprecation and too-much-information honesty, you'll definitely want to see him again*
He's widely acknowledged as a unique talent in stand-up and has been tipped for greatness for some time now. His last tour was called 'Too Ugly for TV', a reference to the fact that he hasn't had nearly enough mainstream exposure to match the glowing praise which is regularly heaped upon him. Obviously this gives him an extra level of bitterness to explore in his routines, and believe me he's at his best when he's being bitter!
Sticking with that theme, he's bringing his 'Best Kept Secret in Comedy' tour to Embrace Arts, Lancaster Road on Saturday 21st April, so I strongly suggest you get yourself a ticket and experience this unique performer for yourself by going to
*Terms and conditions apply. Enjoyment of comedy down to personal taste - Leicester Comedy Scene is not responsible for ensuring you enjoy the gig, nor will we be held liable for any injury, swelling or death resulting from recommendations or opinions contained within this blog. May contain nuts.

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  1. nah, not convinced, very motr material