Sunday, 18 March 2012

Magners Funhouse Comedy at Kayal

If you like Indian food, alcohol and comedy, Kayal restaurant on Granby Street is probably your idea of heaven. As well as serving yummy food and a selection of booze, Kayal host a monthly comedy show upstairs.
As part of Magners Funhouse Comedy Club, 'Should I Stay or Should I Go?' features new acts performing short slots, who are judged by audience members holding up green glowsticks if they want them to stay on and red ones if they've heard enough - basically a Gong Show for the rave generation.
Compered by the ever-reliable Spiky Mike, the show has an intimate, informal feel to it and plenty of audience participation. The comics are mostly quite new to the game, and it's particularly fascinating to see the occasional sweaty, shaky-handed first-timer, who reminds you that performing live comedy to a bunch of judgemental strangers is definitely not easy!
The next shows are on Sunday 15th April and Sunday 27th May, and cost a very reasonable £5.
Visit for tickets/info etc.

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