Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Legend alert!! Doug Stanhope in town tomorrow...

For any of you who have watched Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe in the last year or two, Doug Stanhope will be familiar to you from his 'Voice of America' segments ("I'm Doug Stanhope... and that's why I drink"). He's acerbic, unflinching, political, hypercritical, not afraid to say controversial and downright offensive things, and naturally I'm very excited about seeing him live at Just the Tonic tomorrow (Wednesday) night!
Obviously don't bring your grandmother, (unless she likes drunken, heavily un-PC ranting), but for those of you who delight in experiencing a heady mix of wrongness and intelligence, get yourself a ticket before they sell out!! They're not cheap at £20 + booking fee, but I'm guessing it's going to be worth it...
Head to http://www.justthetonic.com/Leicester-comedy/shows/wednesday-4-april-2012/724/ for tickets, and try not to be confused when you click on the link for tickets and get redirected to the website of Leicester Square Theatre, London!

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  1. Doug Stanhope rocks. Really happy he's coming to Leicester. His No Refunds dvd is superb.