Sunday, 15 April 2012

And there was me thinking Lyons Maid ice cream...

You've always wondered what lions eat when they're not ripping wildebeest to pieces for the sake of the television cameras, right? Of course you have.

Well here's your answer: 'Lions Eat Ice Cream', as well as being the answer to that niggling question that's haunted you for as long as you can remember, is also the name of a regular free stand-up night at Hub, the small but delightfully eclectic bar on Braunstone Gate. Taking place on the third Tuesday of every month (the next one being this very Tuesday, 17th April, hosted by the terribly manly Dr Ettrick-Hogg), this is an open-mike showcase for emerging local talents and more established names trying out new material. Recent shows have included the likes of Johnny Sorrow, Ian Crawford, Anthony King, Matt Hollins, Jane Hill, Rob Coleman, Masai Graham and Carl Jones. The whole thing is delivered lovingly to you by local stand-up Leanne McKie, co-star of the bonkers 'What have you done with Denise's 30p?' show at this year's comedy festival.

Tickets are available from nowhere, because this is a free open-mike night. I thought I made that clear. Now stop thinking about lions and concentrate... join the LEIC (nice acronym) Facebook group at
Go on then, off you pop!

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