Saturday, 23 May 2015

Cookies, Fridges & Blundabuses - it must be Edinburgh Preview season again! (PART 3 of 3)

Welcome to Part 3 of our Edinburgh preview season round-up. We've already covered the extensive summer programmes from The Cookie and Leicester Fridge, but that's not all that's happening in Leicester this summer...

All partied out - Matt Forde

Bottle Rocket Comedy have just announced their preview shows, which are taking place, as always, upstairs at Firebug. There will be a couple of return visits by acts who are already previewing elsewhere in the city (ie, Bobby Mair, Alex Edelman & Nish Kumar), along with some political satire from Matt Forde and upfront social commentary from Imran Yusuf.

Man on Fire - Brett Goldstein

You can also expect tales of 'drugs, fetishes & juggling' from the infamous 'Burning Man' festival with DLCF Best New Show winner Brett Goldstein, more cleverly twisted one-liners from Gary Delaney, gripping storytelling from Sarah Kendall and some likeable observational fare in the form of Andrew Maxwell and John Robins.

The full line up is:


Wednesday 15th July  - ALEX EDELMAN & BOBBY MAIR


Wednesday 22nd July - NISH KUMAR & MATT FORDE


All shows are billed as starting at 7:30pm, and you can find out more details on each show on the Bottle Rocket website.

"I'll get you Butler" - Bob's Blundabus

And lastly in our Edinburgh preview round-up (but certainly not, er, least-ly), if you're not utterly worn out after a very packed-out July, the king of comedy chaos Bob Slayer is driving his newly acquired BlundaBus (yes, he's bought a bus and turned it into a mobile comedy venue!) up from London to Edinburgh for the Fringe, and is due to be stopping off in Leicester on 29th July.

The top deck is being converted into a venue, complete with stage area, lights, PA etc, whilst the bottom deck will be a bar and general 'chill & chat' type space. This will doubtless be a whole bunch of fun and general mayhem, including performances by locals and non-locals - whoever happens to be on the bus at the time really! Early rumblings suggest that the bus conductor will be none other than Tom Binns (of Ivan Brackenbury and Ian D Montfort fame).

To support the Blundabus and book your ticket for the show, head to or check out the event page on facebook

That's it for our 3-part round-up, if you missed the other parts, here are the links for part one and part two. Over the 3 posts I've listed no less than 51 separate shows (counting double headers as 2, that is) so quite frankly, if you can't find anything amongst that lot to go and enjoy... then you, my friend, are dead inside.

Have a great summer!

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