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Cookies, Fridges & Blundabuses - it must be Edinburgh Preview season again! (PART 2 OF 3)

Welcome to part 2 of our 3-part Edinburgh Preview season round-up. We've already looked at the impressive line-up at The Cookie this year (if you missed that post, click here to read it).

Next, and making their preview season debut, is Leicester Fridge. They made a big splash at this year's DLCF with their extensive promotion of local acts and special showcase events, and now they're back with an ambitious five-day programme of shows across four venues.

The Summer Fridge combines local acts, festival favourites. Edinburgh previews from national circuit comics, family shows and the odd mixed bill. It all kicks off on 22nd July (just as The Cookie previews are coming to an end) and all events are Pay What You Want - but you can reserve a seat for any show in advance for £5, by going to and searching for 'Fridge'. For show info and updates on Fridge happenings, go to the facebook page

Kooky honesty - Harriet Dyer

This is a very diverse programme and as always, what you fancy going to see is totally dependent on your own personal taste. But what Leicester Fridge have done well here is create themed days curated by the various regular comedy nights that run in Leicester, so each event has a distinct character.

For example:
- Wednesday is a great line-up for fans of the alternative - Club Smashing host and 2014 DLCF Best New Show winner Ian Hall performs his festival hit 'Out of Touch, Out of Time' supported by the incisive wit and surreal asides of Graham Milton and the fantastical abstractions of Richard Peel;

- Thursday features two strong headliners from the national circuit - Freddie Farrell with his laid back, deadpan storytelling skills, and Harriet Dyer with her expressive kookiness and disarming honesty;

- Friday is the strongest day for local acts, with bright young things Alex Hylton & Sarah Keyworth, followed by deadpan veteran Matt Hollins and finishing up with a new format devised by Dan Nicholas & Dave McGuckin: The Comedy Inquisition will feature comedians responding to questions from the audience instead of performing pre-prepared material;

Award-winner - Juliette Burton

- Saturday daytime at The Exchange is the place to be if you want to take the kids to a couple of family-friendly comedy shows, with award-winning Juliette Burton's 'When I Grow Up', paired with Lindsey Warnes Carroll's interactive festival hit 'The Further Adventures of Shirley';

- Saturday evening at the Criterion is great if you enjoy straight up, no-nonsense stand-up with local favourite Jason Neale and English Comedian of the Year Jack Campbell;

- Sunday is the home to the weird and wonderful, with dark-edged stand-up from TV's Bobby Mair, and two new shows from 'Weirdos' regulars Adam Larter and Beth Vyse - who both made Leicester Comedy Scene's 'Best of the Fest' list this year, as did the delightfully shambolic double act The Two Syds
Dark edge - Bobby Mair

The full programme is as follows:

Wednesday 22 July at The Cookie:
8pm: Ian Hall - Out of Touch, Out of Time (with support from Richard Peel and Graham Milton)

Thursday 23rd July at The Exchange:
8pm: Freddie Farrell - Today was a Total Waste of Makeup
9pm: Harriet Dyer - My Name is Harriet
10pm: Free Fridge Party

Friday 24th July at Manhattan34:
7pm: Alex Hylton & Sarah Keyworth - Chasing Tails
8.15pm: Matt Hollins - Blabyshambles
9.45pm: The Comedy Inquisition hosted by Dan Nicholas

Saturday 25th July at The Exchange:
11am: Juliette Burton - When I Grow Up
1.30pm: Lindsey Warnes Carroll - The Further Adventures of Shirley

Saturday 25th July at The Criterion
6.30pm: Jason Neale is Proper Funny: FACT
8pm: Is This the Best of Jack Campbell?
9:30pm: Proper Funny Showcase

Sunday 26th July at The Cookie
4.30pm: Bobby Mair - Filthy Immigrant
6pm: Adam Larter - The Cardboard Gardener
7.30pm: Beth Vyse - As Funny as Cancer
9pm: 'The Two Syds' starring Ian Hall & Bruce Edhouse

Stay tuned for part three of our Edinburgh preview round-up, as we look at Bottle Rocket's programme at Firebug, and buy one-way ticket to oblivion on Bob Slayer's Blundabus!

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