Sunday, 28 October 2012

Spooky comedy this week from Lions and Peel

Pumpkins are scary, right?

If you like laughing and being scared (and I mean scared in a novelty, spooky Halloween kind of way - not a gritty, traumatic, 'I'm being followed home late at night by this man who clearly wants to inject me with a strong sedative and relieve me of my backdoor virginity' kind of way), then you'll probably be looking for some Halloween-themed comedy nights this week. Good job there's a couple of them out there then, otherwise you'd have had to settle for being stalked and violated to get your endorphin rush...

On Tuesday, the good folks behind Lions Eat Ice Cream present a free Halloween special downstairs at the Looking Glass. Basically it'll be the usual unpredictable, sometimes volatile mix of offbeat stand-up, bonkers characters, silly dancing and experimental musical numbers, but with added scary costumes and macabre themes. In short, it really will be the stuff of nightmares, but much funnier. Special guests this time are the West Midlands' finest - Johnny Sorrow, Jimmy Frinton and Andrew McBurney. The full line-up lives here:

Then on Wednesday at the Cookie Jar, Richard Peel presents his special Halloween show Monsterdrome for your delectation. This promises to be a multimedia performance of the strangest and spookiest kind, featuring vampires, monster trucks and all kinds of weaponry and gadgets, all lovingly acted out for you by Richard Peel and Chris Slowe. Musical support comes from Hey Nostradamus, who are described as a 'post sailor-rock powerhouse' - I have no idea what this means, but I'm bringing earplugs just in case. Check out the flyer and full blurb here:

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