Sunday, 28 October 2012

Mark Thomas gets un-political at The Y on Wednesday

Since the early nineties, Mark Thomas has forged a successful career as a humourous political activist, using comedy and fine storytelling to open the public's eyes to the multifarious hypocrisies of the rich and powerful. Numerous government ministers, large corporations and public organisations have been the victims of his pranks, rants and eye-opening exposés.

It might surprise you, then, that the focus of his show at The Y Theatre on Wednesday, should be his father. 'Brava Figaro!' is a very personal show, in which Thomas tells the story of  his Thatcherite, opera-loving, self-employed builder dad, and the often difficult relationship they shared.

The result, by all accounts, is an unusually intimate and emotional journey, so prepare to feel drained (in a good way) by the end. Tickets and more info are available at

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