Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I pity the Fool that misses this, er...sucka.

So, good long weekend was it? Whether it was all street parties, bunting and comically-exaggerated notions of 'Britishness', or whether you just took the opportunity to crawl into a drunken stupor on Friday and have yet to emerge, I hope you enjoyed it. Anyway, to help pick you up from the inevitable crushing depression you're bound to be feeling after going back to work tomorrow, get yourself to Ship of Fools Comedy Club downstairs at the Looking Glass on Braunstone Gate.
It's billed as a 'new act/new material night', and they are providing seven, yes seven, fine comedians to get you through that work hangover, and since you asked, they are: Anthony King, Mark Cram, Leanne McKie, Graham Milton, Robert Kemp, Ian Hall (as Blake Incarcerated) and Kevin Greet, and if that wasn't enough, compere Alan Seaman makes eight!
It all kicks off at 8:30 and tickets are only £4, which this humble comedy fan believes represents good value.
Here's a link to the facebook page, should you wish to view a picture of a stuffed monkey holding a union jack handbag:

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