Thursday, 31 May 2012


It's June! Yes, already! Don't tell me you weren't expecting it, given that it's been May for basically a whole month now... Anyway there's loads going on this month now that we're into Edinburgh Preview season, and here I punctually present your complete listings for the month, so you can't blame me if you miss out on something:

1st/2nd - Daniel Sloss, Dana Alexander, David Whitney, Ian Cognito @ Just the Tonic
3rd - Deborah Jane Appleby, Ola, Ben Hustwayte @ Just the Tonic
6th - Ship of Fools Comedy Club @The Looking Glass
7th - Tom Deacon, Jigsaw @ Just the Tonic
8th/9th - Keith Farnan, Jojo Smith, Bobby Mair, Eric Lampaert @ Just the Tonic
10th - Schadenfreude (new act night) @ The Soundhouse
10th - Romesh Ranganathan, Bryan Lacey, Adam Staunton, Bobby Mair @ Just the Tonic
14th - Pete Firman, Roisin Conaty @ Just the Tonic
16th - Phil Nichol, Ray Peacock, James Acaster, Andrew Ryan @ The Y Theatre
16th - Jeff Innocent, Pierre Hollins, David Morgan, Mike Wilkinson @ Just the Tonic
17th - Alan Anderson, Peter McCole, Fin Taylor @ Just the Tonic
21st - Laurence Clark @ Embrace Arts
22nd/23rd - Rhod Gilbert @ DeMontfort Hall
22nd/23rd - Ivan BrackenburyIan D MontfordJason John WhiteheadRomesh Ranganathan @ Just the Tonic
24thJonathan ElstonAndrea HubertBen Van De Velde @ Just the Tonic
29th - Michael Winslow @ DeMontfort Hall
30th - Rob Rouse, Patrick Monahan, Matt Richardson, David Morgan @ The Y Theatre
30th - Ken Dodd @ DeMontfort Hall
29th/30th Alun CochraneDiane SpencerDave JohnsDarrell Martin/Chris Mayo @ Just the Tonic

As per usual - if you know of any other gigs going on, email me on this address or post on the facebook page or tweet @LeicComedyScene and I'll update this list, I may even give you a wee write-up if you bribe me heavily enough ;)

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