Saturday, 22 December 2012

Two special shows left this year at JTT

Nobody's at work, everybody's either drunk and already sick of mince pies, or grinding their teeth and elbowing fellow last-minute shoppers in TK Maxx - it's an unmistakably British Christmas!
For those of you who make it through to this evening without being locked up for drunkenness or shopping rage, Just the Tonic have one more Christmas show tonight, featuring Phil Nicol, Philberto, Sam Avery and Tim Clark.

Obviously there's nothing to laugh at over Christmas itself, as we all silently and solemnly contemplate the birth of Jesus for three days. Fact.
But there is one more comedy show to be squeezed in before 2013 slaps us sharply upside the head, and that's the Just the Tonic New Year's Eve extravaganza starring the multi-talented Phil Nicol, anarchic physical comedian Wes Zaharuk, compere/owner/keeper of the booze Darrell Martin and headliner Ivan Brackenbury - the most inappropriate hospital radio DJ you've ever heard, and one of the funniest acts I've seen all year. His set is an absolute barrage of delightfully wrong gags and I can't think of a better way of seeing in the new year.

Right, that's me finished for 2012 - a massive 'thank you' to everybody who has visited and subscribed, liked, shared and retweeted my posts, and an equally massive 'thank you' to all the performers, promoters, venue owners and staff that have put so much effort into keeping us muggles entertained all year - we are quite literally not worthy. See you in January folks!

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