Friday, 30 November 2012


Here we go then - the final listings of 2012, and what a cracking year it's been! Now I know it's brass monkeys out there, but don't let that stop you getting out and seeing the great comics that Leicester's venues have lined up for you. After all, if the Great Comedian in the Sky had intended us to stay in and watch telly every night, he wouldn't have invented warm clothing and taxis! (Alternative punchline: he wouldn't have invented drivel like 'I'm a Celebrity...'). Read on, folks...

Sat 1st - Barbara Nice, Mike Wilkinson, Stuart Goldsmith, Nick Page @ Just the Tonic
Sun 2nd - Daniel SlossKai Humphries @ Just the Tonic
Mon 3rd - DMU Comedy Society Open Mic Night @ The Cookie Jar
Tue 4th - Big Value Auditions @ Just the Tonic
Wed 5th - Ship of Fools Comedy Showcase @ The Looking Glass
Fri 7th - Shaggers Christmas Special @ The Cookie Jar
Fri 7th / Sat 8th - Ian CognitoPaul McCaffreyCarey MarxDarrell Martin @ Just the Tonic
Tue 11th - Laughing Cows feat Jen Brister, VG Lee, Maureen Younger @ The Red Tent
Wed 12th - Nibbles with Giggles @ Entropy
Wed 12th to Sat 15th - John RobinsSteve HarrisCarl Donnelly @ Just the Tonic
Fri 14th - UFI: Unidentified Flying Improv @ Curve
Sat 15th - Bottle Rocket Xmas Special feat Arthur Smith, Boothby Graffoe, Gareth Richards, Tom Deacon, Matt Richardson @ The Y Theatre
Tue 18th - Lions Eat Ice Cream @ The Looking Glass
Tue 18th - Philberto, Gareth Richards, Romesh Ranganathan, Darrell Martin @ Just the Tonic
Wed 19th - Imran Yusuf @ The Y Theatre
Wed 19th - Ship of Fools Comedy Club @ The Looking Glass
Thu 20th - Gary Delaney, Matt Kirshen, Philberto, Darrell Martin @ Just the Tonic
Fri 21st - Phil Nichol, Gary Delaney, Philberto, Darrell Martin @ Just the Tonic
Sat 22nd - Philberto, Phil Nicol, Sam Avery, Tim Clark @ Just the Tonic
Mon 31st - Ivan BrackenburyWes ZaharukPhil NicholDarrell Martin @ Just the Tonic

So there you go - as usual email, fb or tweet at me if you have anything to add to the listings.

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