Friday, 6 July 2012

The awesome Dr George Ryegold at Just the Tonic this weekend!

One of my all-time favourite acts, Dr George Ryegold - the wonderfully twisted comic creation of Toby Williams - is headlining this weekend at Just the Tonic. The first time I saw this act, a sublime mix of learned eloquence, agonising medical complaints, questionable ethics and downright wrongness, I laughed and snorted more than I have ever done at a stand-up gig, so in short - if you've never seen him before, I strongly recommend you do so!
The full line-up for Friday night is George Ryegold, Mandy Knight, Rich Wilson and Chris Mayo. Saturday's roll-call features Ryegold again, this time supported by John Robins, Junior Simpson and Matt Forde. Get your tickets here:

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